The Light of Consciousness
still film


“The Light of Consciousness” is presented in Still Film format: a photobook with poetry and a downloadable binaural soundtrack.

This work engages awareness of the changing flavours of emotion and experience as they blossom into and out of being and is configured as a process of translation not only linguistic, but also across and between image, sound and text. The poems rewrite original and translated poetic passages through Chance Readings; the photographs intervene in the process of perception and reimagine landscapes of Texas, New Mexico, Ibiza, London, Rome and Sicily both individually and across their sequencing; the binaural recorded recitation within the autumnal landscape of Epping Forest activate a new reading of the images and texts, allowing the awakening of the senses.

The genres’ traditional limits are challenged through the creation of the Still Film constituting a total synaesthetic experience, that invites us to move, activate and co-create the perceptual, vital and hermeneutic dialogues of this artwork: a peripatetic recognition and aesthetic prelude to the light of consciousness. perceptual, vital and hermeneutic dialogues of this artwork.

Photographs, poetry and soundtrack by Katherine E. Bash

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find a quiet place
free of distractions

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scan the QR code
to locate the soundtrack

[4]_2019_The Light of Consciousness_Studio.jpg

play the audio
proceed intuitively

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Format: Hardback + Audio Download
Size: 253 x 320 mm (10 x 12.6 in)
Pages: 88 pp
Running Time: 42:12 minutes
Editions: 540
Requirements: Headhphones