∞ acknowledgments ∞

Albums Notes

The Light of Consciousness (at The British Library) <§> alfredo corrales, luna montenegro, adrian fisher // chalton gallery + art night + british library [June 2019]
I walked through the land <§> luna montenegro, adrian fisher, chalton gallery [July 2019]
D’Art Valley Nights <§> luna montenegro, adrian fisher, duncan kennedy [September 2019]
God Save the Queen <§> lucia hinojosa for “intervals for tissue chants” / chalton gallery for frieze week [October 2019]

Behind the Scenes

mystery knit-mastering (on many different pieces) <§> adrian fisher
owl calling in all forms <§>luna montenegro for discovering my hidden calls
collaboration inspiration beauty <§> luna montenegro and adrian fisher
Daily Mix’s <§> sarah aziz for hearing their potential
flag design <§> ignacio acosta
music infrastructure <§> duncan kennedy
website <§> travis crowther
synth<§> go Korg forever !
owl call radio physical hosting <§> chris taylor at the combine


london ∞ lubbock


The Terrain Biennial:
The Combine* in Lubbock, Texas
Listen t(h)ere —————>
on Continuous Loops

>> oooooooollllllllllllllllooooooooo <<
Looping language and
landscape between
lubbock and london,
translated intersemiotically
into fluid sound collages,

loops ∞ and pauses (for π duration)
at chance intervals
simultaneous listening
across time zones and spaces