Blink Chair (Metastasis)

Philosophical Furniture: A Tool for Aesthetic Practice
Port Aransas, Texas, 2003 — 2005
Elevation‎: 2.13 m (6,988 ft)


Blink Chair (Metastasis), 2003 — 2005



The places we inhabit.
Open-ended analysis.
New meanings.
New poetries.

The device, Blink Chair (metastasis) is a tool for observation and for the provocation of questions. It serves as an aid to reveal change over time within one site and between separate sites.

The whole is not the sum of its parts, but that which emerges through a careful reading of the parts.



Walking upright is one of the hallmarks of being a hominid. Standing, sitting or walk- ing depends upon maintaining this upright position.

The horizon follows the eyes.

To float in the space of metastability, narrowly escaping the tethers of gravity.

Free Fall

In the approach to the moment of landing and to regain balance, the body will reveal its essential nature.

Moment by moment a whole is woven.

Can we affect landscape change without bulldozers and tractors, but through offering new ways of seeing, reading or hearing the landscapes that already exist?


standing on one’s hands one can reinvent the world.

Visit again that which we think we know.
G a p s
in language, in consciousness.


InSites: Port Aransas, Texas, 2004


Falling Horizon. Panorama Cycle: Port Aransas, Texas, 2004


A Tool for Aesthetic Practice

Minimal Intervention

Philosophical Furniture

Physical Koan

Mental Typologies


Semantic Spaces

Linguistic Gaps

Embodied Inversion

Perceptual Thresholds



Perceptual Phaenomena


Fig 1: Poem Intersects Chair, Set Theoretic Equation

Fig 2:  Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space, 1958

Fig 2: Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space, 1958